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Between the late 1970s and late 1980s we experienced some of the best dance music.  If you went out to parties, events or clubs in that era that lasted over 10 years.  Then you danced to Disco, High Energy, FreeStyle, Electronic Funk and New Wave.  In Los Angeles everyone went to all those underground house parties, Gino's 2, Casa Camino Real, Fantasia, Florentine Gardens, Mr. J's, Brandy's, Club Metro, Club 47, The Capri, Pico Rivera Sports Arena, Dreams, Kennedy Hall, Paramount Ballroom, The Ukranian Hall, CSO Ballroom, Marilyn's Backstreet, Wings, Giggles, Don Quixote, Carpenter's Hall, The Community Center, American Legions, Plaza Jamai, and many more places.  We are bringing the music back, so come join us and experience the music and the parties once again.

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